Regardless of your politics, home ownership should be available to as many people as possible. Now, Congress is threatening tax incentives for homeowners, like the mortgage interest deduction and the state and local property tax deduction. These incentives are critical for a strong housing market that creates jobs and builds stable communities.Take action to tell Congress to reform our tax code AND protect middle class homeowners.

This is a tax increase on California homebuyers and homeowners. Congress needs to protect taxpayers from double-taxation and maintain the deduction for state and local taxes, including property taxes. Not allowing the average homeowner in California to deduct their ...

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Unfortunately there are over 1.2 million divorces in the United States each year, with roughly 924 filings every month just in Orange County. You're not alone. With so much to think about, you need a team of impartial, experienced experts to support and advise you thought the home selling/home seeking process.
Let the OChomeGal Realty & Investments Team manage the disposition of your property.


The OChomeGal Team will be at their next bridal event this Sunday, April 23rd at the Hyatt in Long Beach from 11:00am-3:00pm! Stop by to get your real estate questions answered, enter the drawing for a fantastic prize, and get your own customized game plan for your journey in real estate and Move Your Dreams Forward!


Selling, at its best, is serving and solving—often solving a need or want clients didn’t even know they had. The client comes first. The word sell comes from an old English word, sellan, meaning to give. Giving service, counsel, and value is the highest form. After all, is there any more noble purpose in life than to bring value to others? Our mission at OCHomeGal Realty & Investments is to help our clients and students serve in this manner and make the process easy for both them and their clients.


Unfortunately, there is another form of selling. Selling, at its worst, is pitching and pushing—often resorting to high-pressure tactics and trickery. In fact, the slang descr...

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There seems to be a preconceived notion that Realtors provide little
or no value when clients are purchasing brand-new homes; that
there is no reason for an agent to be involved because they don’t do
any work; that they simply walk into the builder’s office, sign a
piece of paper, and hope the client falls in love with the model
home. Well, if you have a good agent, nothing could be further
from the truth.

Here are three common misconceptions about
working with builders and ways a Realtor can
help buyers:

1 Builders don’t negotiate – FALSE. However, it is
important to know when to negotiate, what points are
negotiable, and how to do it effectively. As with many things in
life, tim...

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With an overwhelming passing percentage rate, my October Crash Course has helped to produce another set of agents ready to join Nationwide Real Estate Executives and begin their new endeavor with our JET training program!

Another successful group of new agents from our licensing school & Crash Course have passed their state licensing exams this past week. I’m proud and humbled to be able to have been a small part in the next chapter of your lives.
Congratulations all and welcome to Nationwide!

A study from Smart Asset looked at how much a person would need to earn so as to spend no more that 30% of their income on rent in top cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.
In LA, a single person would need to earn $145,629/yr & in SF, that same individual would need to earn 216,129/yr to rent a two bedroom apartment!

According to the study, the most expensive rental markets in the country are:

1. San Francisco
2. New York
3. Los Angeles

In the past year, market rents have climbed at a faster rate in LA, Phoenix, and Dallas than in the other major cities included in the study. That does not bode well for our kids already trying to save money
to someday buy a home. They can’t possib...

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Summer distractions are causing prices to drop. There are fewer buyers making offers and this equates to longer selling times.

With pending sales dropping 4% and active listings increasing 8% over last month, the housing inventory is at 7,200 (higher than last August’s record breaking peak of 7,100)
and we may see an inventory number of 8,000 by the end of summer.
Orange County current market time to sell a home is now 79 days (that’s the time it takes to get a home into escrow)
Although it is still slightly a seller’s market, a balanced market is 90-120 days market time. So you can see, that we may be reaching that mark soon.

Detached homes under $750,000 & condos under $500,00...

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*Scroll down for answers

1. Which U.S. President first celebrated 4th of July at the White House?

A) George Washington
B) Thomas Jefferson
C) Andrew Jackson

D) Abraham Lincoln

2. Who was the oldest person to sign the Declaration of Independence?

A) John Hancock
B) Thomas Jefferson
C) JohnAdams

D) Benjamin Franklin

3. In 1776, what was the U.S. population?

A) Half-million
B) One-million
C) 2.5-million

D) 10.5-million

4. Which Realtor who works for you on July 4th?

A) Pushy Pete
B) Slippery Sally
C) Flaky Fred

D) Darlina Gutierrez

1. B. Thomas Jefferson 4th of July was celebrated as early as 1777, but it wasn't until 1801 when Jefferson brought the party to the White House. That Jefferson knew how to party!


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