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1. Which U.S. President first celebrated 4th of July at the White House?

A) George Washington
B) Thomas Jefferson
C) Andrew Jackson

D) Abraham Lincoln

2. Who was the oldest person to sign the Declaration of Independence?

A) John Hancock
B) Thomas Jefferson
C) JohnAdams

D) Benjamin Franklin

3. In 1776, what was the U.S. population?

A) Half-million
B) One-million
C) 2.5-million

D) 10.5-million

4. Which Realtor who works for you on July 4th?

A) Pushy Pete
B) Slippery Sally
C) Flaky Fred

D) Darlina Gutierrez

1. B. Thomas Jefferson 4th of July was celebrated as early as 1777, but it wasn't until 1801 when Jefferson brought the party to the White House. That Jefferson knew how to party!

2. D. Benjamin Franklin Of the 56 signers, Franklin at 70, was the oldest and Edward Rutledge was the youngest at 26.

3. C. 2.5-million These Americans were scattered among the 13 Colonies, according to U.S. historians. Today there are more than 324-million U.S. residents! Now you know why it's so hard to find a parking space!

4. D. Darlina Gutierrez Ready to sell your home? Specializing in First-Time Home Sellers and Buyers as well in SD, LA and all of OC! Call our team 760.224.1809