New Home Construction is alive and well in Southern California

There seems to be a preconceived notion that Realtors provide little
or no value when clients are purchasing brand-new homes; that
there is no reason for an agent to be involved because they don’t do
any work; that they simply walk into the builder’s office, sign a
piece of paper, and hope the client falls in love with the model
home. Well, if you have a good agent, nothing could be further
from the truth.

Here are three common misconceptions about
working with builders and ways a Realtor can
help buyers:

1 Builders don’t negotiate – FALSE. However, it is
important to know when to negotiate, what points are
negotiable, and how to do it effectively. As with many things in
life, timing is key. Knowing when to pull the trigger on a new
home and when to hold off can make or cost clients money. I
can show you how you can buy your new home with built-in

2 Buyers’ agents can’t be involved throughout the
process – FALSE. Although most builders will not allow real
estate agents to be involved during certain inspections and
walk-throughs, there are plenty of points for involvement that
can protect my clients . Construction is organized chaos. With
so many moving parts happening at the same time, it is easy
for details to be overlooked and forgotten. I can insure that
doesn't happen.

3 What you see is what you get – FALSE. There are always
additional costs. Total acquisition cost is important to
understand. I protect you from unnecessary costs during the
purchase, and on your taxes.

Purchasing a new home directly from a builder without
representation from a knowledgeable agent is very
dangerous for buyers. If your agent is experienced in
helping clients purchase brand-new homes like I
am, she can provide a lot of value by helping you avoid
mistakes and save significant amounts of money.
She can offer buyers insights with comparables in the
market, including what others have paid for homes in
the same development, information about the builder’s
history, site design and materials and methods of
construction. She will also be able to walk buyers
through the details of the contract.

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