What is selling? There are two very different definitions:


Selling, at its best, is serving and solving—often solving a need or want clients didn’t even know they had. The client comes first. The word sell comes from an old English word, sellan, meaning to give. Giving service, counsel, and value is the highest form. After all, is there any more noble purpose in life than to bring value to others? Our mission at OCHomeGal Realty & Investments is to help our clients and students serve in this manner and make the process easy for both them and their clients.


Unfortunately, there is another form of selling. Selling, at its worst, is pitching and pushing—often resorting to high-pressure tactics and trickery. In fact, the slang description of selling in the dictionary is to cheat, hoax or dupe. The salesperson is looking out for their interests, not the clients'. Unfortunately, this form of selling is often depicted in movies and gives selling a bad image. It causes many to avoid Realtors. It is because of this that we don't "sell" we "serve"

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